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A study conducted by the Federal Reserve Board concludes that “disturbing trends” in the U.S. economy, including income inequality and financial instability, are the results of monopoly power: fewer companies controlling ever larger market shares.

A predictable but vexingly ironic conclusion from the largest monopoly in the history of civilization.

In 1869, Wyoming was the first state or territory to grant women's suffrage. It preserved women's suffrage in its Constitution and became the first state to do so when it was admitted to the Union in 1890.

Women could vote in only ( 20 ) states when the 19th Amendment was ratified on this date in 1920 after ( 72 ) years of grass-roots efforts, coalitions, referenda, and court cases.

It would be another ( 64 ) years before all of the states ratified the amendment, with Mississippi being the last in 1984.

Remember the hubbub about Russia paying the Taliban to kill Americans? (As if they needed more incentive.)

The same "US Intelligence" sources now claim that Tehran has been funding Taliban attacks against U.S. forces. By dramatic coincidence, this information arrived three days after the U.S. lost a UN vote to extend sanctions against Iran.

(Pause for a moment and consider the source of all the 'bad' things you have heard about Iran.)

After failing to convince the UN Security Council to extend an embargo against Iran, the U.S. Department of Justice detained four tankers of Iranian oil and diverted them to Houston.

When asked how they knew the oil belonged to Iran, the DoJ responded, "It smells Iranian."

Hester v. United States (1924) established the Open Fields doctrine. Anything that isn't your domicile and its immediate area is subject to real-time surveillance and invasion by the government with no warrants or cause.

Stop getting distracted with nonsense about the New World Order and realize that modern communication is simply piercing the veil of the Old World Order.