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It seems Kevin Costner wants in on the Marvel action.

He is reportedly in talks to appear alongside Hugh Jackman in a cross-over/remake called Dances with Wolverine.

To address 30,000 annual complaints of feces in public, San Francisco will build exactly one new public toilet facility.

It will be 12.25 feet square, cost $1.7M, and take three years to complete.

Gotta love gummint.

It looks like I won't reach my goal of becoming independently wealthy, but my fallback position of being independently poor is coming along nicely.

There was a time in corporate America when one had to wait for someone to die before receiving a promotion.

In England, that someone is your mother.

King Charles' first decree was to outlaw the moniker "King Chuck" in the United Kingdom.

Lucky for me, I don't live in the United Kingdom.