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List of occasions when imposing economic sanctions had the desired effect:

Every day we are shown pictures of destroyed armored vehicles and told these are evidence of Ukraine's successful thwarting of Putin's invasion.

But, Russia and Ukraine use the same vehicles, so how do we know which is which?

No, Putin is not crazy or unstable. The establishment wants you to believe that, because then the Ukraine invasion becomes the unpredictable gesticulating of a crazy person and it is nobody’s fault.

The alternative is that this is the well-designed, long-planned act of a person who chose the precisely correct moment to conquer a developed country knowing that the rest of the world would stand around hurtling protestations and name-calling, completely incapable of mounting a meaningful military resistance.

This only ends when Putin does.

Russia's primary export is natural gas. The "scary" economic sanctions being levied against Russia don't include natural gas exports.

Is this because 2/3 of Europe's gas comes from Russia and Putin is pulling this in dead of winter?

Yes, Ukraine has natural resources - especially those coveted by electric vehicle manufacturers.

Does it really matter if we buy those resources from the corrupt Ukrainian government vs. the corrupt Russian government?