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Don't you hate it when you confuse baklava with balaclava and end up in the middle of a Minnesota winter with a pile of Greek pastry?

The DoD has (again) failed another audit, with 22 of 29 sub-audits failing at 700 locations.

Apparently, when the government doesn't want to be held accountable for its actions, it 'funds' the DoD and then lets the DoD 'lose' it.

HEADLINE: World Population Passes 8 Billion

Those "depopulation agendas" don't seem to be getting the job done.

The name of the manufacturer of the rifle that presumably killed JFK was Carcano – not Mannlicher-Carcano as is widely reported.

Mannlicher was the licensor of the magazine design for the rifle.

If the Warren Commission couldn't even identify the rifle properly, what chance did it have of solving the murder of the president?

"The FBI had been investigating the dog-fighting ring for several years and nine members were arrested and charged last year … "

If an FBI investigation lasts longer than one year, it's because they are participating in the crime - and are usually the ones who instigated it.

If you want to reduce organized crime in America, eliminate the FBI.

Thanks to YouTube Music's new Live Lyrics feature, I now know that the correct lyric is "Dust in the Wind".

Not ducks. Dust.

That will be good information on Karaoke night.

Every few years Microsoft does something that makes me think it's time to switch to Linux.

Then I use Linux and am reminded why we have Windows.

The worst thing about getting older is the prospect of having to spend time with old people.

"Bombs bursting in air"

Which side was lobbing all of the misfires?

Mumbly Joe launched a retaliatory strike against Iran after a U.S. contractor was killed by an Iranian drone in Syria (or they say).

Let us hope the rest of world does not start retaliating against the U.S. for all of the civilians we have killed in drone strikes.

Trump seems oddly excited about the possibility of being arrested.

Perhaps he has confused The White House with The Big House.

It seems Kevin Costner wants in on the Marvel action.

He is reportedly in talks to appear alongside Hugh Jackman in a cross-over/remake called Dances with Wolverine.

To address 30,000 annual complaints of feces in public, San Francisco will build exactly one new public toilet facility.

It will be 12.25 feet square, cost $1.7M, and take three years to complete.

Gotta love gummint.

It looks like I won't reach my goal of becoming independently wealthy, but my fallback position of being independently poor is coming along nicely.

There was a time in corporate America when one had to wait for someone to die before receiving a promotion.

In England, that someone is your mother.

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