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Don says Joe didn't execute his February 2020 peace plan effectively, but the peace plan, in addition to being the most absurd fantasy endorsed by the State Department since the Bretton Woods agreement, ceded Taliban control of Afghanistan in the last line:

"The United States will seek economic cooperation for reconstruction with the new post-settlement Afghan Islamic government as determined by the intra-Afghan dialogue and negotiations, and will not intervene in its internal affairs."

Joe may have taken the more inept and deadly road, but they all led to the same place.

Right or wrong, the U.S. is no longer at war in Afghanistan.

The House rewarded taxpayers by approving a defense budget that is $24,000,000,000 more than last year.

If the DOD switched to Nerf then we could get the same results for a lot less money.

(Plus the terrorists would look pretty silly recreating the Iwo flag-raising with Nerfs)

The U.S. military bombed a moving vehicle in Afghanistan that is says contained the member of ISIS-K who planned the attack on the Karzai airport this week. If we know who these people are and where they are, why didn’t we bomb them four days ago?

Or: did the military pick a random target to destroy so it could declare victory and go home?

Or: did the Taliban provide the intelligence so that U.S. taxpayers would foot the bill for eliminating their competition? (I vote for this one)

In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that naturally occurring DNA sequences are not patentable, but synthetic DNA sequences are.

The Pfizer and Moderna SARS-CoV-2 vaccine alter your DNA.

If you get vaccinated, who owns your DNA?

"If the French aren't willing to fight for themselves, why should we commit American lives?" – President Roosevelt, 1943 (after four years of Nazi occupation of France.)

What would the world look like if Roosevelt had actually said that?

(Commentary from James Jacobin)

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