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The Warren Commission should have asked Agatha Christie to write its report.

At least she understood the importance of identifying the elements of a crime and crafting a cogent narrative from the facts that supports the primary conclusion – having experience writing fiction certainly couldn't have hurt either.

The second of day of Mrs. Oswald's testimony was taken at 200 Maryland Avenue NE in Washington D.C. by the Warren Commission – again led by general counsel J. Lee Rankin – revealed Mr. Oswald's contentious relationship with the FBI, domestic issues between the Oswalds, and several letters sent to the Soviet Embassy declaring Mrs. Oswald's intentions to return to the Soviet Union.

The Warren Commission Report has been the target of scorn and derision over the years. Some of it undeserved, but not all of it.

On p.54, the WCR represents testimony that conflicts with the report's primary conclusion: that LHO acted alone and of his own volition.

A picture of the lower half of WCR p.54.
Dr. Clark's description of head wound, p.54

President Johnson announced today via Executive Order No. 11130 the formation of a commission to investigate the assassination of President John Kennedy and the violent death his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Commission is chaired by Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Earl W. Warren and its members include congressional, intelligence, and private interests.

Details of how the members were chosen have not been released, but the eminence of Chief Justice Warren ensures an investigation of the most unimpeachable jurisprudence.

Part of the (presumed) complexity of the JFK case is the mountains of data generated over the years that some enthusiasts insist one masters before they entreat them: 'If you don't know sub-detail 'x' then you don't know anything'. Ironically, this measurement of minutiae over argument is the same one Lee used to declared victory over his ideological opponents, but this behavior is hardly confined to the JFK space.

Of course, this is false logic; Praexeology requires only the correct data analyzed correctly. The rest, as they say, is 'scenery for the public'.



A new docuseries, LHO vs. JFK, debuts in January, 2024 at JacobinBrothers.com. This series presents the findings of the investigation by the Jacobin Brothers into the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The culmination of  1,440 minutes of effort, the series opens with the episode “Who Owns Bell?” a reference to dialogue in the movie JFK (1991) that implicates the so-called Military Industrial Complex in the death of the president. Conspiracy Buffs have noted that while the speaker of said dialog, an Army general known as Mr. X, has an alibi (he was in New Zealand) the actor who played Mr. X, Donald Sutherland, does not.


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