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Who Owns Bell?


A new docuseries, LHO vs. JFK, debuts in January, 2024 at JacobinBrothers.com. This series presents the findings of the investigation by the Jacobin Brothers into the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The culmination of  1,440 minutes of effort, the series opens with the episode “Who Owns Bell?” a reference to dialogue in the movie JFK (1991) that implicates the so-called Military Industrial Complex in the death of the president. Conspiracy Buffs have noted that while the speaker of said dialog, an Army general known as Mr. X, has an alibi (he was in New Zealand) the actor who played Mr. X, Donald Sutherland, does not.

They say there is no evidence that Donald Sutherland did not kill the president and is therefore not above suspicion. In fact, the lack of evidence is, in itself, the strongest indicator against Mr. Sutherland because if he did it, he would of course ensure that any such evidence was not created or if it were, subsequently destroyed. Mr. Sutherland’s keen intellect is well documented and his activities during the time of the assassination warrant further investigation.

Also during the inaugural episode, the Jacobins introduce rules of evidence; how different classes of evidence, such as uncorroborated witness testimony, are considered and just how far down the conspiracy theory rabbit holes they will descend (Jackalopes, you know).

Subsequent episode will focus on the notorious rifle photograph, Oswald’s time in the Marine Corps, the various governmental investigatory bodies, and the role of Maggie and her Drawers.

Watch this space for future updates!



 The Jacobin Brothers have launched an investigation into the death of President John Kennedy following many years of speculation that the Warren Commission Report – widely acknowledged to contain evidence of confirmation bias – mis-identified the president’s assassin via inattentiveness approaching ineptitude or worse – intentional selection and interpretation of evidence to implicate one Lee Harvey Oswald in the Crime of the Century. The Jacobins shall undertake the investigation with all the care requisite of a crime of this enormity.

Senior Investigator James Jacobin is responsible for determining whether the president was the victim of an organized effort – the so-called “conspiracy” angle.

“The person with the most to gain from killing the president was Castro. We know the Kennedy brothers’ favorite pastime was thinking up new and creative ways to fail to kill Castro— despite the fact that Kennedy was publicly trying to reset relations with Cuba.”

“Of course, the only organization capable of carrying out a contract hit on the president is the CIA. So we’re presented with the conundrum of the agency tasked to clandestinely invade Cuba and/or kill Castro also possibly attempting to kill the man who is ordering them to kill Castro. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but then it is the government.” said James.

Investigator in Charge of Senior Investigators Marc Jacobin  will evaluate the evidence presented by the Warren Commission  as well as the House Select Committee on Assassinations and determine its interpretation and relevance. Marc commented:

“The key to the investigation is the forensic findings. Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable and the fact that the Warren Commission and the “buffs” as they’re called make their cases on such testimony is a travesty of critical analysis. Eyewitness testimony puts about a half dozen men and/or Secret Service agents in the  Book Depository. It’s a full-blown rave up there. And speaking of the Secret Service, where were they? They have a lot to answer for in this mess.”

“Again, the key to this investigation is the forensics. After we establish wound tracks and trajectories beyond a reasonable doubt, we will know how many shooters there were and where to look for them.”

More to come as the investigation unfolds!