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Much Ado About Nancy

Much ado is being made of Nancy Pelosi’s (astronomically remote) potential to ascend to the presidency given Joe’s declining mental status and assuming he unseats Donald in November.

The only way for Nancy to get behind the Resolute Desk is for Joe to abdicate and for Kamala to become incapacitated during the twenty minutes between her swearing-in and the swearing-in of her appointed vice president, as provided by the 25th Amendment.

But more pointedly, why would Nancy want to be president? She controls one half of Congress, the federal budget, is arguably the most influential woman in the country, and needs to capture only a simple majority of 764,000 people (of which she routinely wins 80%) and not 270 electoral votes from fifty states.

If Nancy wanted to be president, she would be. Until then, she will be Speaker of the House for as long as she wants.