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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was the forty-fifth President of the United States from January 20, 2017 – January 20, 2021.

  • Afghanistan 5

    Episode: 2143.1

    Jungle Rooster

    Joe Biden insists that he was following Donald Trump's plan as explanation for his disastrous

  • Clown A vs. Clown B

    Episode: 2414

    The fun never stops.

  • Donald of Star Command

    Episode: 1935

    Donald resurrected a relic from the Cold War when he reactivated the United States Space

  • Mishandled

    Episode: 2246

    Jungle Rooster

    On August 8, 2022, FBI agents raided the Florida residence of former president Donald Trump,

  • Pointless Presidents

    Episode: 2111

    Everyone knows who the first president of the United States was. Many people know who the

  • Year In Review : 2023

    Episode: 2350

    As Earth approaches the conclusion of another journey around the sun – or the Sun around Earth,