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 There is a pervasive belief among government skeptics that the United States has been formed into a corporation and is not subject to the will and laws of the people, but to external parties such as international banks and the Vatican. It is difficult to determine the origins of this belief, but I would place the genesis during the McCarthy Era when society bifurcated into the philosophically modern left and right factions that we know and hate today.

Who Could Blame Them?

As the federal government increased its powers over the states in the interest of national security during the burgeoning of the Cold War (sound familiar?), people began to be wary of the government’s intentions and actions – justifiably. The military was fighting pseudo-secret wars around the world, the CIA was performing unsanctioned drug trials on unsuspecting college students and trying – and failing – to subvert governments around the world they determined to be subversive (confused yet?). The CIA coined the term Conspiracy Theorist to discredit anyone who disagreed with the findings of the Warren Commission Report as a passive-aggressive way of establishing hegemony over information and public opinion (is a familiar theme emerging?)

Teacher: "Johnny, where can you find the Pharaohs who were the oldest in Egypt when they were mummified?"

Johnny: "Heck, Teach. Everybody knows that – the Geezer Plateau!"