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Marc's Musings

Some people found Obama objectionable because he shares a name with a murderous tyrant.

Wait until those people learn that Biden shares a name with someone who killed 60,000,000 people!

The populace has always been gullible but, during the 1960’s, a misplaced trust in government made the people ripe for fleecing.

The CIA was conducting unsanctioned experiments on unsuspecting civilians. The Army was developing and/or deploying biological and chemical weapons. The Navy amplified/invented the Gulf of Tonkin incidents which the president and Congress used to justify escalation of the military engagement in Vietnam. The CIA was trying to overthrow every foreign government that would not yield to American influence. The Government – at a minimum – obfuscated the facts of the JFK assassination (to this day) — and those are just the things that are public record.

Given the decade’s ‘long train of abuses and usurpations’, is it so much of a stretch to think the government would fake the moon landings to win a race that it had been losing since 1957?

A Hong Kong study and a DoD study both concluded that influenza vaccines create "vaccine interference" that increases susceptibility to other respiratory viruses.

This would explain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in developed nations, especially the United States.

Today, a federal judge ordered the Empire (again) not to beat and teargas journalists and observers. In addition to the 'proactive arrests' (whatever those might be) the federales wanted journalists and observers to be obey dispersion commands and were acting with force (teargas and batons) when said journalists and observers exercised their right not be ordered about like minions.

It seems Trump is evolving into the fascist dictator he has been accused of being all along.

The government-endorsed treatment for CoV is remdesivir, marketed by Gilead.

The sticker price is $520/dose or $3,120 for a short-course treatment and $5,720 for a long-course treatment. What do you get for your three large? A four day shorter recovery time (so says Gilead).

Did I mention remdesivir costs only $9/dose to manufacture?

Can we look forward to some Congressional hearings about price gouging like the ones held for Mylan charging $600 for Epipens?

Another governor has issued an "executive order" requiring masks in all buildings. What's with all of the governors turning into tinpot dictators?

Executive orders are instructions issued by the chief executive within the purview prescribed by statutory law; they are not a blank check for governors to channel their inner Stalin.

Apple has announced that it will move away from Intel processors to a CPU of its own design (Apple Silicon) for its Macintosh computers by the end of the year.

If you think Macs are expensive now, wait until they're based on CPU's manufactured in a quantity that fills only 12.3% of the personal computer market.

Superman has x-ray vision that can see through everything but lead, but when they put lead in glass, everyone can see through it!

The New York Times reported that Russia is paying the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers. (Aren't the Taliban already paying the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers?).

The NYT quoted an anonymous source from "US Intelligence".

Here's a primer for detecting lies and propaganda: The information comes from U.S. Intelligence sources.

(The journalistic faux pas of reporting information from unnamed sources as "news" notwithstanding).

How much money, resources, and manufacturing capacity is being wasted on Ziploc closures on packaged food that do not work?

Don't do drugs, stay in school, go to college – and you too can spend taxpayer dollars studying the attractiveness of men with cats.

Anthony Fauci has informed everyone that masks really are necessary and admits that he lied about them being necessary to prevent a panic.

Obviously Fauci failed to pay attention in How to be a Government Stooge 101, when it explains that the government never admits to telling a lie – otherwise, we would need 48-hour-a-day news coverage!

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has passed a rule that limits whipping horses to six times per race.

Everyone can stop rioting and looting now.

SecDef Mark Esper and former SecDef James Mattis have come out against Trump's domestic policies.

When a guy named "Mad Dog" thinks you've crossed the line, maybe you have.

Trump tweeted this week that the US will classify Antifa as a domestic terror organization. Here's a news flash: DHS classified Antifa's activities as domestic terrorist violence in 2016.

Captain Oblivious' proposed recognition of something that happened four years ago has no effect on the matter.

Only if he designates them as foreign terrorists or enemy combatants will the Patriot Act kick in and obliterate their constitutional rights – and if that happens, he will be Hitler.