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License to Print Money

In addition to buying (creating) the national debt, the Fed buys debt from private institutions.

The Fed now owns 30% of derivatives backed by home mortgages (remember those words: derivatives and mortgages, there will be a test later).

The Fed is buying derivatives at eight times the pace it was during the official "Quantitative Easing" programs (Big Bank Welfare).

(At the rate the Fed is printing money, I should think everyone owes Robert Mugabe an apology.)

In addition to the $17T created and lent to the U.S. government since '08, the Fed has created $6T to finance the private sector – that's $24T pumped into the economy in twelve years. Has the economy grown that much? How much of that $24T are you holding on to?

The global economy is government for the rich by the rich. Everything else is a distraction.