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“EMP attacks are part of the emerging threats against our nation and demand a response,” – DoHS-flavored Government Stooge

Fission EMP weapons have never been anything more than a chalkboard exercise, but they are dragged out every so often as fear-mongering figments. Maybe we should stop putting the paranoid psychopaths in charge of defense (and everything else).

Yes, I know. They are basing it on top secret squirrel information that I am not allowed to know. Isn't that what is called a self-reinforcing delusion? 

DoubleSpeak: Mistakes

Deflection of Mistakes

If a corporation or politician makes a mistake, the mistake is never admitted; it is always framed as an intentional act that yielded unintentional consequences (i.e. they got caught) and is rationalized ad nauseum or minimized through gaslighting (it’s not as bad as you think it is).

Admission of Mistakes

If a corporation or politician admits to a mistake, they are deflecting from an intentional act that yielded unintentional consequences and are seeking to minimize negative perception by feigning natural fallibility and appealing to the public’s forgiving nature.


Thus, mistakes are ‘intentional acts’ and intentional acts are ‘mistakes’. One could be forgiven for confusing corporations and politicians with sociopaths.

Conspiracy Theorists are the world’s optimists.

If the world is run by intelligent, organized – albeit selfish and perhaps diabolical – entities who move all of the pieces on the board toward an end of their own design, then the world is really not run by Forrest Gump doppelgangers.

Occasionally, bureaucracies will surprise you with their innovation.

Instead of 'ignoring the problem hoping it will go away' with regard to the problem of police self-expanding their mandates (read: self-justification of excessive force, stormtrooping, and abuse of qualified immunity), the bureaucrats are de-funding the police, making the problem go away so they can ignore it.

Kudos, government stooges.

In 1847, Ignaz Semmelweis provided empirical evidence that washing hands and disinfecting equipment between patients reduced infections and mortality.

Because the 'consensus' did not accept Semmelweis' findings, germ theory languished until being undertaken again by Joseph Lister in 1865, the year Semmelweis died.

Consensus = Groupthink?

Deductive Logic Primer

Major Premise: The average lifespan in the U.S. is 78 years.

Minor Premise: >60% of CoV fatalities were people aged more than 78 years.

Conclusion: Catching CoV increases your chances of living longer than average.

Researchers from sixty-one countries have contributed to multiple studies that all draw the same conclusions: Individuals who comply with governments' response to CoV are 'good people' possessing 'empathy' and individuals who disagree with dictates are 'anti-social' and exhibit traits of the Dark Triad.

If one participates in a million-person protest – such as the one in Berlin – then one is guilty of 'collective narcissism'.

Aren't you glad we killed religion and replaced it with science?