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Alternatives to watching septuagenarians trying to remember why they are mad at each other:

  1. Rotate the air in your tires
  2. Translate the Dead Sea Scrolls into Mandarin
  3. Brush up on your long division
  4. Determine why fire engine signs have trucks on them no one has ever seen
  5. Teach your dog to drive a stick
  6. Join the Saucy Nugs movement
  7. Study microfluidics to enhance your argument for/against masks
  8. Measure the drop in the nation's IQ between 9pm and 10:30pm 

A glance at the UK's Orwellian response to CoVID-19 shows that it is worthy of the characterization, but its diktats are a distant second to the state of Victoria, Australia.

Victoria has imposed the most stringent lock-downs anywhere in the world, and has adopted habits such as arresting pregnant women at home for thought crimes (contemplating protests on social media),

The Victorian premier (Speaker of the House) has proposed a bill that allows government officials to arrest citizens for crimes committed or if they suspect the citizen might commit a crime, such as spreading CoVID-19.

How long will it be before we are using the term "Victorian" in the same sense that we use "Orwellian"?

(Not the old sense of "Victorian" that connoted oppression of the lower classes by the established rich white aristocracy, but the new sense that connotes oppression of the lower classes by the established rich white bureaucracy. Are you following me here?)

The people who will approve the CoVID-19 vaccine also approve drugs with 'death' as an acceptable side effect.

Every single drug that has been recalled – usually involving 'death' as an unexpected side effect – was also approved by these people.

During a Biden presidential term, what does not-president Donald Trump do?

Perhaps he breaks the post-presidential mold (pun intended) of book-writing and paid speech-giving and pursues a nightly talk show with his best frenemy FoxNews – a show that could easily be the highest rated news program on television.

Imagine a platform where Donald gets to throw shade at Joe every day of the week while simultaneously campaigning for a presidential run in 2024 to become the next Grover Cleveland – and now you have that name stuck your head.

Thirty-two years ago, people were upset when Reaganomics (also known as Trickle-up Economics) drove the national debt above $2T.

2020 will conclude with a record-high deficit of $3.3T – money borrowed during a single year.

When the apocalypse comes, it won't be a perfect storm of misfortune no one could have predicted, it will be the evaporation of an illusion created by a debt-based economy exploited by speculation and profiteering.

In addition to buying (creating) the national debt, the Fed buys debt from private institutions.

The Fed now owns 30% of derivatives backed by home mortgages (remember those words: derivatives and mortgages, there will be a test later).

The Fed is buying derivatives at eight times the pace it was during the official "Quantitative Easing" programs (Big Bank Welfare).

(At the rate the Fed is printing money, I should think everyone owes Robert Mugabe an apology.)

In addition to the $17T created and lent to the U.S. government since '08, the Fed has created $6T to finance the private sector – that's $24T pumped into the economy in twelve years. Has the economy grown that much? How much of that $24T are you holding on to?

The global economy is government for the rich by the rich. Everything else is a distraction.