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Every year, the Christmas merchandising and music seem to arrive just a smidge earlier and every year the "It's too early for Christmas" kranks sound the klaxons.

However, I don't see the Christmas Kranks arriving with a library of beloved Thanksgiving classics.

Why is the twenty-billion-dollar U.S.S. Gerald Ford – the most expensive warship in the history of humanity – named after a president who did absolutely nothing, including not get elected to the presidency or the vice presidency?


The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, was introduced as a concept item at ComDex in 1992 before hitting the market in 1994. In addition to telephone and PDA features, it could receive faxes.

Why can't today's smartphones receive faxes? After fifty years, faxes are still more secure than email!

California is now 'mandating' mask usage outside.

Bureaucratic logic: Something is better than nothing even when something is worse than nothing.

Among the last major chains to jump on the smeat bandwagon, McDonald's has announced plans to introduce a plant-derived – but entirely synthetic – meatless burger in the 2021.

The are calling it McPlant.

(No, this is not satire)


McSmeat™ is a trademark of Jacobin Brothers.

Twice before, I have posted evidence from the CDC that it is conflating influenza and CoV statistics.

Now, amid an advertised spike in CoV infections, the CDC has stopped reporting on influenza statistics entirely.

This came a month before Medical Stooge-in-Chief Fauci told CNBC, "Do what you're told."

Shake off the sense of disbelief and embrace the horror of post-modern dystopia.

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