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Is gravity a function of the geometry (astrometry?) of spacetime as Einstein predicted or is it the function of a force-carrier particle (graviton) as suggested by the Soviets?

The answer is important because a gravity drive powered craft is conceivable if gravity is created by gravitons and one can generate enough of them ( assuming we knew what gravitons were and how to make them ).

However, if gravity is a function of the curvature of spacetime, then the only way to create gravity is to create mass, and that makes the prospect of a gravity drive more difficult - as in: it's difficult to keep several Jupiter masses in your pocket.

It's unfortunate that people have been convinced that free speech is not a civil right.

"The first amendment … is bonkers" – Harry Montbatten-Windsor.

Spoken like a true imperialist.

Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Split infinitives. Dogging grammarians since 1787.

Clown B is getting a bit uppity. What was wrong with Clown A, again? Oh, right …

Remind me, which article of the Constitution grants the president the authority to tell people what to do?

After ~50,000 tweets and single-handedly keeping the platform relevant for five years, Donald Trump was invited to leave Twitter in January and not come back.

The Donald has taken to publishing his own blog where he has posts that are a whole five sentences long! Who says you can't teach an old Don new tricks?


Joe Biden is continuing the disturbing trend started by Donald Trump of spending millions of dollars to send letters to Americans telling them what a great and wonderful guy he is because he signed a bill.

In this instance, the letter described the money being sent to citizens that the government borrowed from the central bank - money that must be repaid by guess-whom?

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